Island at the Top of the World Disneyland Ride: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

Hyperion Airship Discoveryland Disneyland Paris Map

Discovery Bay was intended to be a mostly entirely original land when it was planned to be added to Disneyland. But it was intended to have one ride tied to a film, and that would be the land's ultimate downfall.

One of the rides of Discovery Bay was set to be an attraction based on the 1970s Disney live-action film Island at the Top of the World.

This film was largely inspired by the same general aesthetic style as the land, the steampunk style works of Jules Verne, most notably the Hyperion Airship

Hyperion Airship Discovery Bay Concept Art Disneyland

The Hyperion would have been one of the most striking features of the land, being seen in a majority of the concept art for the land, and this would have been an entrance to a ride based on the film. You would have ridden the Hyperion on an attraction following the basic story of the film, attempting to find the lost Astragard civilization.

When this film flopped, it was the first in a series of events that would cancel this land, ending any hopes of this land being used in Disneyland for decades.

The ride would never get built, but the Hyperion Airship would end up finding its way into a Disney Park, getting built as part of Discoveryland in the opening day version of Euro Disneyland, in a direct tribute to this never built part of Disneyland.

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