10 Facts and Secrets About Storybook Land Canal Boats Disneyland

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Storybook Land Canal Boats Topiary Display Disneyland

The Storybook Land Canal Boats is one of the original attractions of Disneyland, taking you into a miniature world of Disney animated films from the entire history of the company, Snow White to Frozen.

In tribute to this classic attraction, we are sharing 10 facts and secrets about the vintage boat ride in Disneyland.

1. Original Version

When the ride first opened, it did not feature any of the current miniature buildings, and they weren't added until about a year later.

2. The Matterhorn

The mountains currently located behind the Frozen Arendelle display are designed to incorporate the Matterhorn, which can be seen right behind it.

3. Paris Version

There is another version of this ride located in Disneyland Paris.

4. Shared Location

This ride shares its location with another attraction, Casey Jr. Circus Train, which runs on tracks just above the waterways.

5. Boats

Each of the boats is named after a different female Disney character.

6. Ticket Booth

Storybook Land Canal Boats Lighthouse Queue Line Disneyland

When Disneyland first opened you needed to buy a ticket for each attraction. The Storybook Land Canal Boats ticket booth is still in the park, now a decoration for the queue line.

7. Ducks

This ride is a popular home for the ducks of Disneyland, who can often be seen towering over the ride's miniatures.

8. Tunnel

While many of the sights of this ride can be seen from both this ride and Casey Jr, it also features an exclusive Aladdin-themed tunnel.

9. Special Guides

Each boat is guided by an individual cast member who narrates the experience.

10. Shared Water

Monstro Storybook Land Canal Boats Disneyland

The water in this ride is shared with several other waterways in Disneyland, including Sleeping Beauty Castle's moat, the Jungle Cruise, and Rivers of America.