Disney Rides Changed By Real Life Events

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Cinderella Castle From the Hub Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Disney Parks are supposed to escapes from the real world and its problems, but sometimes these events are so massive that even Disney can't avoid addressing them.

Today we are running through some instances where Disney rides were changed, altered, and even temporarily closed due to real-life events. We are not including closures due to a decrease in tourism.

The Timekeeper (9/11)

The timekeeper was an attraction that was a part of several Disney Parks around the world, notably the 1990s version of Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. Featuring an animatronic robot named Tom Morrow, this show featured a time travel journey across various locations in the world.

The problem was, this circlevision show featured a present-day scene in New York City that featured the Twin Towers. This obviously became a problem after the tragic events of 9/11, with the ride being altered to state that this part of the scene no longer took place in the present, but instead in 2000. This was a part of several changes to the Disney Parks that happened as a result of 9/11.

Superstar Limo (Princess Diana)

This ride was altered before Disney even opened the ride. Originally envisioned as a chase attraction that featured you as a Hollywood star being pursued by paparazzi, this ride had to be altered after it was already in production. After the death of Princess Diana, which at the time was largely associated with the role that paparazzi played in the final moments of her life, Disney didn't think this was the best inspiration for an attraction anymore.

The final version of the ride, featuring a story with various celebrities and a Hollywood agent, was one of the worst Disney rides ever built, although it is debatable if the original version would have been any better.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough

The Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough is a classic part of Disneyland, but it was almost lost forever. Following the events of 9/11, Disneyland closed this attraction. It was seen as a security risk due to taking place in one of the most iconic buildings in America, which was now seen as a potential target.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland

This would eventually reopen, but it was closed for years due to the security threat presented by this world-changing event.

Everything (COVID19)

Jack Sparrow Treasure Room Pirates of the Caribbean Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Every Disney attraction in the world was altered at least temporarily by the COVID19 pandemic. No part of life was left unaffected by this life-changing course of events, and these changes are still ongoing for the immediate future.