The Haunted Graveyard Is Leaving Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce Postcard Mural on Wipeout

The famous Lake Compounce Haunted Graveyard Halloween experience will not be returning to the park in 2021 or at any point in the future.

UPDATE 8/26/21: The park has announced a new family-friendly daytime Halloween event called Happy Hauntings that will replace the Haunted Graveyard on weekends in October. Go here for a review of the new event.

The Haunted Graveyard was a massive Halloween event held every year at the amusement park, including a variety of Halloween-themed experiences, headlined by a massive walkthrough haunt experience filled with immersive sets and live scare actors.

Haunted Graveyard Leaving Lake Compounce Announcement

This was one of the best horror experiences in the country, and Lake Compounce did a great job, especially in recent years, filling the entire park with special Halloween fun to go along with the event.

Lake Compounce has never owned the Haunted Graveyard, with it merely being run at the park. The Haunted Graveyard does say that they have a new location where the 2021 event will take place, but it has not been announced. The event, like most other similar walk-through Halloween experiences, was not performed in 2020 due to the pandemic so its final year at Lake Compounce was in 2019.

Update: 10/12/21: The Haunted Graveyard is involved in a new for 2021 Halloween event at Quassy, the other major amusement park in Connecticut, to be called Terror at Quassy, here is a review of the new event.

Saw Mill Plunge Lake Compounce Log Flume Ride

This does open up a massive expansion pad adjacent to the existing park. This is right next to the Saw Mill Plunge attraction, and could easily fit one or several additional attractions in the near future, or a different Halloween-themed addition.

The park has stated they are working on new Halloween experiences for the future, so hopefully, these will be a good replacement for the event, even if it is unlikely it will live up to the Haunted Graveyard at least initially as it took years for the event to build to what it was the last year it operated in 2019.

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