Review: Terror At Quassy, The Reimagined Haunted Graveyard


Terror At Quassy Amusement Park Halloween Event

Terror at Quassy is the all-new for the 2021 season Halloween event being held Fridays through Sundays in October at Quassy Amusement Park. Featuring various elements of the Haunted Graveyard event which until the pandemic was held at Lake Compounce amusement park, this is a horror-style Halloween event featuring multiple haunted houses and scare actors through the entire park.

Here is a review of the park's event, and how it compares to the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce as it existed during its last year at the park in 2019.

Terror at Quassy costs $30 for access to the park, all of its attractions, and the haunted houses, making it cost just barely more than a day unlimited ride ticket to the park (Quassy gives you the option of purchasing tickets or buying a wristband). This makes it a great value if you arrive early, as there is more than enough time to experience all of the park's major attractions and the Halloween entertainment if you arrive when the event begins.

Quassy Amusement Park Grand Carousel At Night

Wait times for all the rides and Halloween offerings are nonexistent at the park. The longest wait that I experienced on any attraction was just for the ride to reset after the last riders.

Terror At Quassy Halloween Event Decorations

All of the haunted houses were walk-ons the entire night, which is a massive change from the Haunted Graveyard.

Some of the haunted house effects are immediately recognizable from the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce, however, there is also a collection of new effects or entirely reimagined effects that work differently in their new locations.

The setup of the houses is the largest departure from the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce. Rather than one incredibly long haunted house, Terror at Quassy features a series of smaller haunted houses. By far the highlight of these is the cemetery haunted house located behind the Wooden Warrior roller coaster. All of these haunted houses are of significantly smaller scale than anything offered at the Haunted Graveyard, and even together the haunted houses are collectively smaller than the one offered at the Haunted Graveyard.

Terror At Quassy Skeleton Decorations Halloween Event

That said, each of the bigger haunted houses individually are incredibly well put together and themed wonderfully. It basically feels like they took some scenes from the Haunted Graveyard and made them into individual haunted houses scattered through the park (which is pretty much what they did). While this robs the experience of some of the sense of scale it had at Lake Compounce, and the constant scare factor it had there, the quality is the same. Hopefully, the event will grow at Quassy or another new permanent location just as it had at Lake Compounce.

Do be aware, not all of the haunted houses are well marked, and it can be easy to miss some of them, or accidentally try to enter through an exit. If you see a black box in the park, look for a sign above an entranceway. Even if you can not read the sign, it will tell you where the entrance is.

Scare Actor In Front of the Carousel Terror at Quassy Halloween Event

During this event, the park is filled with scare actors who wander the entire park. Each seems to have their own backstories and are fun to interact with.

There is also a collection of entertainment throughout the event. During my visit, I experienced both a magic show and a dance performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller, both of which were great shows and on theme for the Halloween event, allowing you to break up the haunted houses and rides with other experiences.

Quassy Amusement Park Entrance Sign at Night

This event is a great value, and a good way to experience Quassy with minimal waits. While Terror at Quassy does not reach the highs the Haunted Graveyard did during its latter years, it is a comparable experience at a smaller scale. Hopefully, this is only the start of an event that will grow in the coming years.

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