The Original Jurassic Park Lagoon Plaza: Extinct Universal Parks Tribute

Extinct Universal Parks Tribute

Universal Islands of Adventure Jurassic Park Before Velocicoaster

The lagoonside plaza of the Jurassic Park land at Universal's Islands of Adventure today is full of activity due to the recent addition of Jurassic World Velocicoaster, but for most of its history, this area of the park was very different.

Until construction began on Velocicoaster, this was an entirely different place than it is today.

For most of the history of Islands of Adventure, this plaza was a hidden gem that not many people knew about. It was a wide-open area always open to the public, but due to being somewhat out of the way and with no popular attractions or shops nearby many visitors to the park could pass by it and visit all the major sites in Jurassic Park without even realizing it existed.

Universal Jurassic Park Discovery Center Plaza Before Velocicoaster Islands of Adventure

While there was nothing of significance here, it was a great quiet spot to escape the buzz of the park, and provided wonderful angels to get photographs of the Discovery Center and the central lagoon of the park.

Jurassic Park Discovery Center Entrance Universal Islands of Adventure

This spot was an easy spot for Universal to add an attraction to. It was a large empty area in a popular area of the park. Now that there is a major attraction here it is fun to remember when this spot was nothing more than an underutilized plaza.