What Hocus Pocus Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add To the Game?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Sanderson Sisters In Front of Toilet Papered House Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a cult favorite Disney Halloween film that has only been growing in popularity in recent years, and it could be an amazing addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms for a Halloween-themed update to the game.

So I am going to speculate on what characters the game could and should add based on the film in a potential update. This is not based on any rumors or hints, or even if they could with the rights, just my own personal speculation.

Winnie Sanderson Sister Hocus Pocus Disney

The first thing worth mentioning is that typically Halloween updates are smaller. With the exception of the first Nightmare Before Christmas update, there really hasn't been a full Halloween event, so I am going to assume that will be true here as well. That means at maximum it would be a mini-event of roughly five characters max.

Sanderson Sisters Being Hung Together Hocus Pocus Disney

But I could see the event including as few as three characters, with those being the iconic Sanderson Sisters, Winnie, Sarah, and Mary. They are the most famous characters from the film and the ones set to star in its upcoming sequel.

Each of them would be an incredible addition to the game with their own fun animations individually and as a group.

Thackery Binx Black Cat Houcs Pocus Disney Halloween

Now if the event is a little bigger, I think the next most likely character would be Thackery Binx, in his cat form. As an immortal cat, and the main good magical being in the Hocus Pocus world, he could be a great addition to the game. Also, a black cat in a Halloween update is just too perfect.

I do not really see the update being any bigger than this, as the next set of characters would probably be the main human trio from the film, Max, Dani, and Alison. That would bring the update up to the seven characters of a typical limited-time update, which is bigger than any Haloween update other than Coco, which was not a traditional Halloween update.

There are also plenty of locations from the film that could become attractions in the game, most notably the Sanderson house, on top of the show from Walt Disney World based on the film.

Hocus Pocus is growing to be a seasonal Disney classic, and could be an amazing addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms for the season.