Ranking The Roller Coasters at Hersheypark

Coaster Round Up

Hersheypark Entrance at Sunset

Hersheypark is one of the most famous amusement parks in America. Featuring theming based on the iconic candy company, this park features some of the best roller coasters in the world. But not all of the coasters are equal to one another.

So how do the coasters rank amongst each other? Here is a ranking of all of the roller coasters currently operating at Hersheypark. It only does not include Skyrush, as it was closed during my visit to the park due to extended maintenance issues, although its reputation does suggest it would be located high in the ranking.

13. Cocoa Cruiser

This is the parks kiddie coaster and it ranks so low just for that reason. It isn't bad, it just is meant for very young children.

12. Wild Mouse

If you have ever experienced a wild mouse roller coaster at any other amusement park then you know what this is. It is a good family coaster which is something the park definitely needs with so many intense experiences. But it is nothing special.

11. Sidewinder

What is this coaster doing at this park? Hersheypark is full of amazing, unique roller coasters, and this Boomerang, a coaster found at dozens of other amusement parks. There is really no reason for this coaster at the park, and while it is a fine experience, it does not fit this park.

10. Trailblazer

Trailblazer is a family mine train style roller coaster that is aimed at a those unable to experience the park's much more intense roller coasters. This coaster does not focus on any intense experiences, instead featuring a series of small hills and helix turns perfect for an introductory coaster. It is more intense than a kiddie coaster, but not by much.

9. Wildcat

Wildcat is an incredibly rough experience, and that needs to be emphasized in any discussion of this roller coaster. But if you can stand the roughness it is a good coaster. Featuring a layout that primarily focuses on extremely strong turns, this roller coaster is a nice mid tier roller coaster.

This layout would be ranked much higher if the coaster just were not as rough as it is.

8. Laff Trakk

Laff Trakk is the only indoor roller coaster located at Hersheypark, and it is a fun and different experience. Featuring a circus theme, this spinning roller coaster passes through a series of scenic elements painted in bright blacklight colors that make the spinning feel more disorienting.

As really the only themed roller coaster in the park this ride in unique in that regard but it can also be an incredibly intense experience depending on the weight distribution in the ride vehicle.

7. Sooperdooperlooper

Sooperdooperlooper is a strange roller coaster that is much better than it would appear to be. Apart from the single loop, the layout is really no more intense than your average family coaster.

This roller coaster, which utilizes the terrain for an interesting layout is a strange experience that is smooth and still provides a nice overall experience with some near miss elements with the neighboring coasters.

6. Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is a looping coaster that features six inversions following a vertical lift hill that is by far the best part of the ride with its slow and intense suspense building climb. It features a beyond vertical drop although that can barely be felt before traveling into its series of inversions.

This all combines for a wonderful mid tier coaster that utilizes its minimal space amazingly well to create a nice intense looping coaster for the park.

5. Comet

Comet Wooden Roller Coaster Turn Hersheypark

Comet is the parks oldest wooden roller coaster and it also ends up being amoung the best coasters in the park. Its layout is filled with shockingly intense airtime hills. It may not have the most impressive stats, but it is smooth, and its layout is one of the best classic roller coasters still operating.

This rollercoaster also has an amazing setting alongside one of the park's bodies of water and the other coasters, making for an even better experience riding this classic.

4. Lightning Racer

This set of two dueling wooden roller coasters is a fun racing coaster that is the best wooden coaster at the park. Containing a good mix of airtime hills, lateral force filled turns, a tunnel, and near miss elements, this attraction is just pure fun.

The racing element of the coaster adds a nice degree of interaction between the rides and its short wait, due to the two tracks makes it a wonderful attraction to ride and reride. There is not a notable difference between the two sides, named Thunder and Lightning, except that Thunder typically wins.

3. Storm Runner

Storm Runner is a launched roller coaster located at Hersheypark that is an incredibly unique experience. It begins much like other launched roller coasters like Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster with a massive top hat hill element, but unlike those rides it then continues through multiple other elements offering a more complete experience.

After this first element the ride travels through three inversions and several twists and turns, all above the parks other attractions and pathways. It is an intense experience that is long for the type of ride it is and remarkably smooth for its speed.

2. Great Bear

Great Bear Ride Vehicle in Station Hersheypark Roller Coaster

Great Bear is one of two B&M roller coasters located at Hersheypark and it features a layout unlike any other inverted roller coaster of its kind. It is situated between several other roller coasters leading to some strange elements. Most inverted roller coasters feature a similar layout with similar elements, and this one breaks the mold to fit into its narrow area, incorporating several near miss moments with the terrain and other coasters.

This coaster is also an intense experience, featuring incredible speed throughout its layout that makes each element more intense than they would be if it had a more typical speed.

1. Candymonium

Red Ride Vehicle Candymonium Roller Coaster Hersheypark

The newest roller coaster in the park is also the best currently operating roller coaster in the park. This hyper coaster from B&M is one of the best of its kind in the world. It is filled with incredibly strong airtime hills combined with a final section of turns that create incredibly strong lateral forces for the riders.

The ride is also incredibly well themed, with ride vehicles based on various types of Hershey candy, the chocolate colored ride track, and a well themed station and queue line. The final part of the ride also is designed to travel around various thematic elements in the park's entrance land Chocolatetown, including the entrance fountain.

The ride also lights up in multiple colors each night making for an entirely different ride experience. This roller coaster is a modern thrilling experience perfect for all ages.


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