The Never Built Jungle Cruise of Disneyland Paris

Never Built Disneyland Paris

Jungle Cruise Wildebeests Disneyland Ride

Disneyland Paris broke the mold when it was built, reimagining multiple classic lands to fit a European audience and this meant several classic attractions either didn't get built or were entirely reimagined for the park. But one classic Disney ride that was intended for Disneyland Paris did not manage to make it to the final plans for the park, and that was the Jungle Cruise.

While a traditional Jungle Cruise was not ever in the plans, an altered version was in consideration for the park.

Due to the colder weather experienced at Disneyland Paris, an outdoor boat ride like Jungle Cruise did not make logical sense. Other parks nearby also had copycat rides making the ride as originally designed obsolete.

But the park did have plans for an alternate inside version of the ride, featuring a jeep instead of the boat. This would have also potentially involved Indiana Jones in some way, similar to the Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland.

This attraction was one of many delayed to phase two of the park as it was going over budget. As with most Disney Park phase twos, this never ended up happening. An Indiana Jones attraction was built, but it was a much less elaborately themed roller coaster than any of the original plans.

Today Adventureland does not have anything like what this ride was proposed to be in Disneyland Paris, and the area this ride was proposed for is still empty to this day.