5 Fun Facts About Starlight Express The Musical

Union Pacific Train Starlight Express Musical Costume

Starlight Express is an original musical with music by the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber that has played on Broadway, the West End, and in numerous other productions around the world.

Here are five fun facts about this famous musical.

1. Different Versions

Many different versions of this musical exist, with various rewritten versions created over time and for different international locations.

2. Thomas The Tank Engine

The partial inspiration for this musical came from a never-released Thomas The Tank Engine television series that predated the famous one that was actually released.

3. Tony Awards

Starlight Express Union Pacific Costume Musical

This musical won one Tony Award during its initial run on Broadway for its elaborate costumes.

4. Ice

This show, famous for being performed on roller skates, has also been performed on ice.

5. Character Names

With the exception of the main characters, many of the side character's names have changed over time and in different productions.