Construction Site For The Coney Island Luna Park 2022 Expansion

Roller Coaster Construction Site Luna Park Coney Island 2022 Expansion

During the 2022 season, Luna Park is set to get a major expansion that will feature a new flume water ride as well as a new roller coaster. While construction just began on the project, the materials for this project have been on site for months.

These pieces show the color of these upcoming attractions, and the scale of this massive expansion coming to one of the most iconic amusement park destinations in the United States, if not on the entire planet.

Luna Park 2022 Expansion Site Construction Roller Coaster Track Pieces

On top of the roller coaster and flume pieces, some thematic elements are also present on-site, showcasing pieces that will tie in these attractions with the theme of the other currently open sections of Luna Park.

Luna Park Planter Coney Island New York

These attractions will hopefully be enjoyed by countless guests for years to come at Coney Island, so it is nice to look at the site before it becomes home to these attractions.