Disney Springs

Ghirardelli Disney California Adventure

Disney has featured Ghirardelli around their parks for years. It is one of the only non-Disney companies to run a shop inside the Disney parks.

They operate an ice cream shop in two Disney Parks locations, one in Disney California Adventure and one in Disney Springs.

The Disney Springs location features two separate shops, one for ice cream and other frozen treats and one to buy prepackaged Ghirardelli Chocolate products.

The Disney California Adventure shop is found in the Pacific Wharf section of the park and features a moving display of San Francisco. It features all the products found in the Disney World version of the shop, but in one location.

This features great frozen treats but personally, I would recommend the chocolate milkshakes. They can only be found at Ghirardelli ice cream shops, which are rare outside of tourist locations. It is also one of the best chocolate milkshakes you can get anywhere.

A little bonus tip, the store at Disney California Adventure gives you free chocolate samples whenever you walk into the store. What type is seasonal but it's a nice free snack which is a rare thing at a Disney Park.