Where Can Dorney Park Still Expand?

Coaster Round-Up

Dorney Park Entrance Building During Grand Carnival

Dorney Park is one of the smaller parks in the Cedar Fair chain, but it still has an impressive collection of modern and classic roller coasters and other attractions. But even with a history of well over 100 years, the park still has a lot of room left to expand.

Today I am going to take you through a guide of where Dorney Park can still expand today without removing any currently standing attractions.

There are really two main spots that the park can expand at the moment without getting rid of any current rides, and both of them were the site of former roller coasters in the park.


The first location that Dorney Park could utilize for expansion could be the former site of the Stinger roller coaster, a Vekoma Inverted Boomerang.

This ride, which was formerly located near Possessed, did not take up a large amount of land, but they could always expand the attraction space into the large nearby pathway as well.

Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, this spot was rumored to be getting a wooden shuttle coaster, although the status of those plans at the moment is unknown. This just shows though that this area is easy to incorporate a moderately sized attraction into.


Hercules was a massive wooden roller coaster located alongside the park's lagoon near Steel Force. While much of its land was utilized for Hydra The Revenge, the land near the lagoon as well as the lagoon itself is still empty to this day, and could hold an attraction if a path was created to it.

While no rumors have pointed towards an attraction in this location, it is really the only major land area left in the park beside the one already discussed without a ride. Something could certainly be designed to fit here, although the limits of the space would need to be a major consideration.

Dorney Park does not have a lot of space to expand, but they are not without enough room for a few new attractions.