Review: Phoenix Roller Coaster at Deno's Wonder Wheel on Coney Island

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Phoenix Deno's Wonder Wheel Roller Coaster Coney Island

Phoenix is the newest roller coaster to open on Coney Island and it is an experience unlike anything else at the iconic location. Located in Deno's Wonder Wheel amusement park, this is the biggest roller coaster in this part of Coney Island.

This roller coaster opened in 2021 as one of the biggest attractions at Deno's Wonder Wheel, and it is easily one of the best roller coasters in both parks at Coney Island.

Phoenix is a Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster, which is a type of coaster that is still relatively uncommon in the US. It is aimed at children and moderate thrill seekers, but adults and more intense roller coaster fans will likely find something to enjoy about Phoenix as well.

The ride vehicles feature seats similar to the much more common Suspended Looping Coaster model also built by Vekoma, but there are notable differences. Most significantly this ride only features lap bars as opposed to the shoulder restraints common on other similar roller coasters. This makes the seat significantly more comfortable and allows you to feel the forces much stronger throughout the entire ride.

Phoenix Roller Coaster Coney Island Deno's Wonder Wheel

The roller coaster is also significantly smoother than the similar Suspended Looping Coaster model. It is just remarkably smooth in general, as a new roller coaster should be, and currently it is the smoothest coaster on Coney Island.

The roller coaster is located above some pathways in the park and features a striking yellow and red color scheme befitting its name that makes it stand out among the numerous other coasters and attractions packed into the area.

Phoenix Roller Coaster Train Entering Station Coney Island

The layout involves a constant series of banked turns designed for a series of near miss elements with the coaster's supports, surrounding attractions, and park infrastructure that add to the excitement factor of this ride. The banked turns are stronger than they appear and with the light restraints feel relatively intense. This is not more intense than any kid who meets the height requirement should be able to handle, but more intense than your average family coaster.

The ride backs some great forces without being too intense to keep anyone from riding it while providing a remarkably smooth experience.

Unfortunately due to its position in the park, towards the middle and surrounded by tall attractions, this roller coaster does not have the view of either the water of the other rides that other coasters on Coney Island do.

Phoenix Train Passing Under Lift Hill Deno's Wonder Wheel Roller Coaster

This is one of the best roller coasters currently operating on Coney Island. It is a modern coaster that is more intense than it looks and it gave Deno's Wonder Wheel a standout roller coaster that it didn't have before. It is a must do experience that you should make a part of any trip to the amusement parks at Coney Island.