David Byrne's American Utopia 2021 Broadway Production Digital Lottery Guide


David Byrne's American Utopia 2021 Production Broadway St James Theatre

David Byrne's American Utopia has reopened on Broadway and is still a hit show just as the original production was. Now located at the St James Theatre, this show offers a digital lottery to win tickets to a show for cheaper than a typical ticket.

When To Enter

Up To 1 Week Before a Performance Up Until the Day Before the Performance at 10 AM

Where To Enter




How Many Tickets Can I Win

1-2 (You Choose When You Enter)

When Do I Get The Results

11:15 AM The Day Before The Performance

When Is The Purchase Deadline

3 PM The Day Before The Performance

Other Info

Once You Win, You Are Barred From The Lottery For 60 Days

A Vaccine and Mask Mandate Is In Effect For Performances of American Utopia

Guests Under 12 Years Old Must Present a Negative COVID19 Test

See Lucky Seat or American Utopia Websites For Full Policies