Astro Orbiter Disneyland Guide


Rocket Ship Ride Vehicles of Astro Orbiter Disneyland Ride

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Astro Orbiter is a rocket ship-themed spinner in the style of Dumbo located at the entrance of Tomorrowland in Disneyland.

This ride is largely a scenic attraction with great views above the hub of Disneyland and the entrances of the various lands of the park.

Thrill Rating 3/10

This is a Dumbo-style spinner and is no more intense than that experience apart from a different ride vehicle.


Tomorrowland Entrance at Night Disneyland

Astro Orbiter in Disneyland at Night

Tomorrowland Entrance From The Hub of Disneyland

Astro Orbiter Ride Tomorrowland Entrance Disneyland

Special Information

There is an identical copy of this ride in Disneyland Paris.