Could Remy's Ratatouille Adventure Come to Disneyland?

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Ratatouille Ride Epcot Disney World Concept Art

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is open now at Epcot's France Pavillion in Walt Disney World and all indications are that it is a big success there. But as with any expansion to Walt Disney World, this now opens the question of could this ride come to the Disneyland Resort?

While there are currently no announced plans, here is an evaluation of if this ride could make its way to the Disneyland Resort based on if there is enough room, and where it could reasonably thematically fit, alongside other factors.

First, and definitely worth mentioning is the ongoing impacts of the COVID19 pandemic on Disney attractions. With the exception of the Splash Mountain redo into a Princess and the Frog attraction, Disney has not announced or begun work on any new major project in their US theme parks. Due to this alone, Disney may not want to start building another expensive ride in the Disneyland Resort.

Also, Disney has developed a plan for expansion with the Disneyland Forward proposal. While this is not going to be and was never intended to be built as shown in concept art, it does give a general idea of what this land could be utilized for in the future, and none of it is really for Pixar apart from Toy Story.

So as for the existing parks where could this ride go?

Really it would have to go to Disney California Adventure. There is no room in Disneyland for an expansion of this size, and it doesn't even slightly fit the theme of any existing areas.

In Disney California Adventure, there are two potential places this ride could go, Pixar Pier or Hollywoodland.

There is not a lot of expansion space left in Pixar Pier, but there is always a chance that the remaining part of Paradise Pier, Paradise Gardens Park could be absorbed, and the ride could fit here if the area was reworked. The theme fits and it would give the land an additional dark ride, which is really what it needs.

As for Hollywoodland, there is certainly room for this attraction in the land if it were to be redesigned. This land is constantly rumored to be on the chopping block, so it could technically fit here as part of some redesign plan for the park. But it does not really make a lot of sense for the park to add another Pixar-themed area. They already have two lands themed based on Pixar properties in Pixar Pier and Cars Land, so I can't imagine any further Pixar expansion outside of those lands.

Could Remy's Ratatouille Adventure come to Disneyland? It could, but it does not look likely at the moment.


  1. I would love to see this attraction come to Disneyland California, it's one of my favorite attractions!!! I'm guessing it should come around 2027 or 2028 since they are still under construction for Tiana's bayou adventure & soon the King Thanos dark ride & the Pandora Avatarland with 2 avatar attractions Navi river journey & flight of passage. Yes it would have to go to Disney california adventure since there's Pixar things, most likely it should probably go to Hollywood land since there's more space in that land, it should be next to the monsters inc attraction since they are both beloved Pixar movies.

    1. Update: I'm now either thinking they might have the Remy's ratatouille adventure attraction around late 2020's like 2027, 2028, or 2029 & also thinking it could open in the 2030's. Likely in the late 2020's could announce it & open it around the 2030's somewhere but who knows


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