What Meet The Robinsons Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

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Lewis In Time Machine Meet The Robinsons Disney

Meet the Robinsons is an under appreciated Disney classic with wonderful characters and a great story about finding your family and it would be a wonderful addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms. So I am imagining what an update to the game based on this film might look like.

This is not based on any current hints or rumors, just my own personal speculation about what a Meet the Robinsons update might look like.

As the film is currently a more low-profile Disney film, I would guess that it would be a permanent content addition, meaning fewer overall characters getting added. Disney Magic Kingdoms typically reserves the bigger limited-time updates for more popular films, and unfortunately, I do not think Meet the Robinsons fits that bill.

Tiny Talking To Bowler Hat Guy Meet The Robinsons Disney

So I am going to be speculating on a maximum of roughly four or five characters getting added to the game.

Wilbur Flying Time Machine Disney Meet The Robinsons

Honestly, I could see the update being as small as two characters. I could see just Lewis and Wilbur getting added, as the (spoiler alert) father and son duo could really fill a smaller update with just their antics.

Bowler Hat Guy Talking to Doris In Time Machine Disney Meet The Robinsons

If the update was to get a bit bigger, I would bet on the next two characters added being the pair of Doris and (once again spoiler alert) Bowler Hat Guy/ Goob. They are the villains of the film and would add some fun tension to an event based on the film. Plus I can imagine Doris having a lot of fun animations in the game.

Carl Robot Meet The Robinsons Disney

I could also see the update potentially including Carl, the Robinson family robot. He is a bigger character, and due to being a single character he would be easy to add alone without the entire family.

Second Time Machine Landing at the Robinson House Disney Meet The Robinsons

While the family is huge and includes many characters that could become a part of the game, I can't imagine many of them making it in the game as they are all relatively smaller characters who only appear in a major way in one or two scenes.

There is always a chance one or two of them make it into the game to make the update a little bigger, but it would be a bit difficult to predict which would make it into the update as none are bigger than any other.

What characters from Meet The Robinsons would you like to see added to Disney Magic Kingdoms? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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