Ranking Each Six Flags Park By How Much They Need a New Roller Coaster

Coaster Round-Up

Superman The Ride Red Train Exiting Tunnel Six Flags New England

Six Flags is an iconic amusement park chain famous for its thrill rides, and more specifically their roller coasters. Many Six Flags parks have some of the best roller coasters in the world. But not all of these parks are treated equally.

So today I am ranking each Six Flags park by how much I think they need a new roller coaster, from the parks that absolutely do not need a new coaster, to the ones desperate for a new attraction.

15. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Despite likely getting a new coaster next year in 2022, this park does not need a new roller coaster. It has the most roller coasters in the world and many of them are simply amazing rides. The most recent was added in 2020 (one of few rides to actually open that year) so it isn't even like their coasters are aging. This park simply does not need a new roller coaster any time soon.

14. Six Flags Great Adventure

Jersey Devil Coaster Inversion Six Flags Great Adventure

As the park with the second-most roller coasters in the Six Flags chain, this park also does not need a new coaster. Their most recent roller coaster was added this year in 2021, and it really has no need for a new roller coaster, assuming El Toro is able to reopen. It is only not the highest on this list as the coaster lineup is a little weaker than Magic Mountain.

13. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is one of the rising parks in the Six Flags chain, and being used as something of a test park in the last few years has certainly been kind to the park. It has 10 coasters with the most recent addition in 2018, and it has several world-class attractions on top of a strong lineup of supporting roller coasters. This park could go a few more years without a new coaster relatively easily.

12. Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Great America currently features 15 roller coasters, with multiple rides among the best in the world. Its last coaster was the major addition Maxx Force in 2019, with its the coaster before that coming only two years prior. This park has a massive collection with some of the best rides in the chain, and with so many recent additions the park could do fine without a coaster for a few years.

11. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

This park's last coaster was added in 2019, and it is going to be receiving a new coaster in 2022. Because of this, and as the park has so many roller coasters, this park does not need a new ride following this addition. Due to its smaller size it certainly could make use of one, but it would be a nice to have not a need to have.

10. Six Flags New England

Pandemonium Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England hasn't had a new roller coaster since 2017, and they haven't had a major new coaster since 2015. While the park does have a strong lineup, they may have lost a coaster in 2021 with the uncertain status of Goliath, placing it higher on the list than it would have been just a year ago. The park could really use another coaster at this point, and its the first one on this list that I would say actively needs a new roller coaster. 

9. Six Flags Over Georgia

This park has a strong lineup of roller coasters, but besides its most recent roller coaster, 2018's Twisted Cyclone, it hasn't had a lot of recent additions. With major competition growing in the region, it could really use a new roller coaster soon.

The park could really use a few more modern standout roller coasters to truly be able to compete with its rising competition, and become one of the better parks in the chain.

8. Six Flags Mexico

Six Flags Mexico is a relatively lower-tier Six Flags park. Its last new coaster was in 2018, and its last major new coaster was in 2014, so it is due for a new coaster. While it doesn't have a lot of new roller coasters it does have a moderately strong lineup that keeps it higher on this list than many that will follow it. It certainly needs a new coaster, but it is still a good park without one for the time being.

7. Six Flags Over Texas

The original Six Flags could really use a new coaster. The last new coaster was 2017's The Joker, but it was only a 4D Free Spin, and the last coaster before that was New Texas Giant in 2011. The park really needs a good and sizable new roller coaster in the near future. Even with the Aquaman coaster getting added, the park really still needs a new coaster.

6. Six Flags America

Six Flags America is a park that could easily become one of the best in the chain. It is located in one of the biggest theme park markets in the country, the greater Washington DC area, but the park hasn't been treated very well. It has only received two new roller coasters in the last decade, and one was merely a relocated attraction from another Six Flags park. The park really needs a new custom-built roller coaster, and only stays out of the top 5 of this list due to the overall quality of this park's roller coasters.

5. La Ronde

La Ronde is a park operated by Six Flags in Canada, and while it does have several great roller coasters, it has not had a new roller coaster built in the park in over a decade, and that was a suspended looping coaster. The park desperately needs a new roller coaster and it needs one soon.

4. Frontier City

Frontier City is relatively new to the Six Flags chain (having been purchased for the second time by Six Flags only a few years ago) and it is a relatively unimpressive park in terms of coasters. It has a relatively new coaster, but it is a kiddie coaster that replaced another kiddie coaster. With only 5 roller coasters, and the newest non-kiddie coaster having been added over a decade ago it desperately needs a new roller coaster. It is only this low as it is a smaller park.

3. Six Flags Darien Lake

This is a large park that Six Flags did not own for a decade, and it did not do well in that time period. It did get a good addition in 2018 with Tantrum, but the park really still needs to make up for that decade where it received very little. Another coaster would do this park wonders.

2. Six Flags St Louis

Its most recent coaster (which is rapidly approaching a decade in the park) is a relocated Boomerang.

Enough said.

But in all seriousness, this is a park in a relatively large city with a large coaster collection that needs a new original coaster, something it hasn't seen in well over a decade.

1. Great Escape

Six Flags Great Escape's last new coaster was over 15 years ago, and that was a kiddie coaster. It is well past time for this park to get something new. It may not be the biggest park in the Six Flags chain, but going a decade and a half without a new coaster is not something that any park on its scale should allow to happen.