The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Statues of the Magic Kingdom

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Chip and Dale Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Statue Magic Kingdom Hub

One of the most prominent additions to the Magic Kingdom for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World is a collection of gold statues of prominent Disney characters scattered throughout the park celebrating the milestone of the resort.

These statues are scattered through the entire park, featuring both the biggest Mickey and Friends characters, as well as popular characters featured in current or former attractions in the Magic Kingdom as statues.

Cheshire Cat Walt Disney World 50th Golden Statue Fantasyland Magic Kingdom

The sizes and shapes of these statues varies based on which character is being featured. While most feature a standard circular gold base with a character standing on top of it, some characters, like the Cheshire Cat, feature more unique designs befitting of their character, standing on custom pedestals and worked into the theming.

Pluto and Goofy Golden Statues 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Many Mickey and Friends characters are found in the hub area in front of Cinderella Castle, placing them in the central, most visited area of Walt Disney World, which is very fitting as they have become the most popular characters in the resort.

These statues can be found through all of Walt Disney World, all celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom, and celebrating their individual park. At the Magic Kingdom these are a wonderful addition to celebrate the park's biggest milestone yet, adding subtle acknowledgments to the anniversary that feel like they fit naturally into the park.

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