Review: Superman Ultimate Flight Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure

Superman Ultimate Flight Roller Coaster Six Flags Great Adventure

Superman Ultimate Flight is the flying roller coaster found at Six Flags Great Adventure, and one of three Six Flags roller coasters to share the theme and layout. This roller coaster attempts to simulate the feeling of free-flying with its special seating arrangement and creates unique thrills. 

The ride features flying-style trains that have you load like a normal roller coaster before the seats raise to be parallel with the track above them, leaving riders laying down flat on their stomachs with an unrestricted view both in front and below them.

Six Flags Great Adventure Superman Ultimate Flight Roller Coaster Station

The ride begins with the trains adjusting to their proper position while still in the station, which is an experience in itself and begins to prepare you for what you are about to experience. The trains and restraints are relatively comfortable especially given the strange seating position. The restraints are restrictive but not in an uncomfortable way and do leave significant parts of your body exposed to the intense forces you will feel on the ride.

After the trains go into the correct position, the train leaves the station and turns into the lift hill, leaving riders facing the ground as they ascend the hill.

After the hill, the ride enters a curved first turn with moderately intense lateral forces that immediately expose you to the feelings you will experience for the rest of the ride. As you are so exposed during the ride, most of the elements are made more intense as you can fully feel the wind all around your body on every twist, drop, and inversion.

After this first drop, the ride enters its best element, the pretzel loop which sees the ride lift up to the top of the element before dropping down steeply once again and then lifting back to where the element began, forming a pretzel/ heart shape. The drop as a part of this element is the ride's most intense element in the ride, especially when experienced in the back of the train with incredibly intense positive g forces during this section of the element.

The ride then turns to the left and passes back through the element before entering a series of banked turns that may not have the strongest forces but maximize the amount of wind you feel on the layout adding to the flying-like sensation the ride attempts to create.

Superman Ultimate Flight Roller Coaster Flying Train Turning

The ride then has one more major element, an inline twist inversion before entering the final brakes and heading back into the station.

Superman Ultimate Flight Ride Entrance Flying Roller Coaster Six Flags Great Adventure

This roller coaster combines a few intense elements into what is otherwise a relatively tame layout that is focused primarily on creating a flight-like experience, something it succeeds at doing. It is a special experience that perfectly uses its ride type to its advantage, creating a ride that would not be the same without its amazing trains.