The Disneyland Band Plays the Theme from Zorro

Disneyland Band

One of the best parts of the Disneyland Band, is they have the ability to bring iconic Disney properties and music to life, even if just for a moment, through the magic that can only be experienced with live music.

This now allows the band to feature not only the more famous and popular modern hits and classic tunes from Disney's movies, but also some lesser appreciated classics that can't be found anywhere else in the Disneyland Resort.

One of these underappreciated classics that has been a somewhat regular part of the repertoire of the Disneyland Band is the theme song from Disney's classic Zorro.

Disney's version of the iconic tale of Zorro, while once immensely popular, has gradually decreased in popularity over the years, and now this performance by the Disneyland Band is just about the only tribute to it left in their parks.

Lovers of the classic song or show can appreciate one of its most iconic elements as a part of the Disneyland Band shows in Frontierland, a perfect setting for a performance of this classic song from the western genre.

Even those who are not as familiar with this song can still appreciate the musical skill and choreography from the Disneyland Band.

This is the wonderful thing about the musical groups of Disneyland, their ability to seamlessly combine the iconic popular Disney music of today and yesterday, leaving something for guests young and old to enjoy during a show.

Hopefully, this song will continue to be a part of the Disneyland Resort for years to come in some way.