Everything Getting Added to Disney Magic Kingdoms in the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Update

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Update Opening Screen

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, Disney Magic Kingdoms game is doing an update based on the celebration and adding new content based on the resort and celebration in their next update.

The game will add a variety of new attractions inspired by both the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary and the Haunted Mansion.

The event is set to come out on October 5th. This update will feature a Tower Challenge begining October 22nd and running through November 7. 

Here is a rundown of everything new being added to the mobile app in this upcoming update to the game.





Hatbox Ghost (Final Tower Challenge Reward)


Spaceship Earth


Mickey Mouse 50th Costume

Minnie Mouse 50th Costume

Concession Stands

50th Cupcake

50th Hat Stand (Trophy Reward)


Minnie Topiary

Mickey Topiary

50th Gold Trophy

50th Cake Decoration

Tower Challenge Info

Featured Characters: Chapter 1 White Rabbit, Chapter 2 Carpet, Chapter 3 Dante


Temporary 50th Decorations Throughout Park Map

A Figment Tapper Event is coming to the game in early October? No info was given as to what this means.

Hint For Next Update

There was really only one thing that could be considered a hint, and that would be when the game community manager said "This is the way" as a part of the announcement. This seems to hint at yet another Star Wars Mandalorian themed update, assumably based on season 2 of the Disney Plus show.