Lotso Huggin Bear Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Lotso Huggin Bear Disney World Character

Toy Story is one of the most iconic animated franchises of all time, and each of the first three films has an iconic villain. But only one of these famous villains has ever made it to the park as a meet and greet character. That would be Lotso Huggin Bear.

Lotso Huggin Bear appears at first to be a loveable, strawberry-scented stuffed teddy bear, just as friendly as any of the main characters. But he hides a villainous side just as evil as any other Disney or Pixar villain.

He is wonderfully evil, but was unfortunately short-lived in the Disney Parks. Shortly after the hype for Toy Story 3 died down, he was removed from meet and greet appearances in the US, and has not returned since.

Lotso Huggin Bear Toy Story Character in Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

While he continued to appear in parades for a while, but even those have since ended. He was last seen during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in 2019 in Walt Disney World, but as that party was ended due to the COVID19 pandemic it is unclear when or if he will return to the Disney Parks in the US.