Costa Rica World Showcase Pavilion: Epcot Center's Canceled Attraction

Epcot Center Canceled Attractions

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Many countries planned at one stage of development for the World Showcase in Epcot did not make it into the final plans at Walt Disney World. A variety of reasons caused many different countries to disappear from World Showcase as the park's final plans were developed.

One of these countries that disappeared from Epcot was Costa Rica.

Costa Rica would have been an additional country in the World Showcase, and had it been built it would have been the only country in Central America in the park.

While an attraction was reportedly not set to be a part of this proposal, it would have added another set of restaurants and shops to the park, showcasing yet another different culture in the park, unlike anything that has been featured in the real-life Epcot.

The biggest unique element to this pavilion would have reportedly been an exhibit of the wildlife and plants of Costa Rica. This would have been the only country to feature wildlife, potentially alongside the Equitorial Africa Pavilion.

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As with so many other pavilions in Epcot, this pavilion was never built as a result of it not finding a sponsor in either the Costa Rican government or a company from the country. This was essential to getting early projects built in Epcot, and it was often the determining factor in which countries got built. Without this money coming from outside Disney, they did not have enough motivation to build this country over others that did find sponsors.

Epcot is still without a country from Central America or South America to this day, and only two were added to the park after the initial build.