Review: Chicken and Waffles From Milton's Ice Cream Parlor at Hersheypark


Chicken and Waffles Milton's Ice Cream Parlor Hersheypark

There are many amazing food offerings at Hersheypark, but one of the best comes with the relatively new Chicken and Waffles found at Milton's Ice Cream Parlor.

While this location located just outside the park primarily serves ice cream, it also offers a collection of hot food as well that is a hidden treat and great to enjoy during a day spent at the candy-themed amusement park.

Hersheypark Chicken and Waffles Basket

The chicken and waffles dish is served as two sandwich like pieces of chicken each served between two waffles.

Milton's Ice Cream Parlor Chicken and Waffles Hersheypark

Each piece of chicken is covered in a moderate amount of Maple Mayo which adds a maple syrup-like flavor to the dish. It is labeled as spicy, but there is relatively little if any spice to it, in practice tasting merely like the chicken was dipped in maple syrup, perfect to go along with the waffles.

The chicken is notably moist especially with its dipping sauce, but even without it the meat is well cooked and tender.

Chicken and Waffles Milton's Ice Cream Parlor Hersheypark

The waffles have a delicious taste that pairs perfectly with the chicken and maple flavoring. Together it is a wonderful dish perfect for a breakfast for dinner meal.

Chicken Gravy Milton's Ice Cream Parlor Hersheypark

There is only one downside to this dish and that is the Chicken Gravy that is served in a cup on the side of the meal. It unfortunately is largely flavorless, and even takes away from the overall flavor of the dish when you dip the various elements into it. I would really just recommend not using it, as it adds little if anything to the dish, and it tastes fine without it.

Milton's Ice Cream Parlor Hersheypark Sign

This is a great choice to pick up on your way in or out of the park, and can be a great thing to snack on as you drive home from the park.