Is Six Flags New England Getting a New Ride in 2022? Potential Goliath Removal

Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England is one of the biggest amusement parks in New England, and after not being allowed to open with rides in the 2020 season due to the pandemic, it reopened for 2021. This was a relatively great season which saw the return of most of the parks iconic rides as well as a Dinosaur event, the return of Fright Fest, and it will soon feature the return of Holiday in the Park.

The only significant changes in the park this year compared to how it was in 2019 was the opening of Supergirl, which was originally slated top open in 2020 but the ride was delayed as the park didn't open in 2020, and that Goliath, the park's giant inverted boomerang roller coaster remained closed the entire year. The sign for the attraction was even removed in the middle of the season.

Thunderbolt Wooden Roller Coaster at Sunset Six Flags New England

Many have speculated that this is due to the ride being slated for removal from Six Flags New England. This was highly rumored even before the pandemic changed plans for every theme park. The ride is only moderately popular at best, and it has been a maintenance nightmare for Six Flags New England. During its time at the New England park it has been closed a significant amount of time each season, sometimes for months at a time while parts are being ordered for the ride.

Six Flags intended on permanently removing 15 rides due to the pandemic, which translates to one ride per park and it really seems that this is going to be Goliath at Six Flags New England. But it is now fall and Goliath is still fully standing minus the sign, and there's no construction or signs of construction anywhere in the park.

Harley Quinn Spinsanity Ride at Night Six Flags New England

So what does this mean for 2022 and is the park going to be getting a new attraction?

Prior to the pandemic, Six Flags as a chain typically added one new ride to every park every year. It was something of a gimmick for them so they could always be advertising something new at each park even if it was a relatively minor addition. Rumors were growing that Six Flags New England was about to get something big. They had only gotten smaller updates the last few years, it is a moderately popular park in the Six Flags chain, so it was due for something. Combined with the rumors of Goliath closing before the pandemic, the general belief was the park was only a year or two away from getting something big.

So what's happening in 2022? As far as can be seen right now nothing.

If the park was going to be getting a new ride in 2022 it would pretty much be known by now. There would be signs in the park that construction was either underway or about to begin. There is a lot of work that has to be done to build a new ride of even moderate size, so there would be something in the park signifying that it was getting a new ride, be it just markings on the ground or more significant construction work.

This all seems to signify that Six Flags New England is not getting a new ride for the 2022 season.

Six Flags seems to have been hit harder than other major theme park chains by the pandemic, and so far it appears that only the major Six Flags parks are getting attractions for the 2022 season, signifying that Six Flags may be ending their every park gets a ride plan and shifting more in favor of building a few major rides each year. This unfortunately would rob Six Flags New England of their attraction for this year.

Goliath Inverted Roller Coaster Green and Blue Six Flags New England

But that still leaves the question of Goliath and what is going on with the roller coaster in 2022. Is it going to be removed? Is it gonna open back up? Honestly it could go either way.

It is understandable that the park did not remove it during the season as it is located in the center of the park. If they were going to do major construction on it, it would be really difficult to do during the park day and would have likely required major parts of the park being closed in order to remove the ride. There's no easy access to this ride, it's completely surrounded by guest pathways, so it may just be easier to remove during the off season.

But could it operate again at Six Flags New England? That could also be a possibility. As far as is publicly known there is nothing wrong with the ride at the moment, they just didn't prepare it for use this season and open it. Theoretically if they wanted to, they could just reopen it at the beginning of next season. Six Flags is certainly in better shape now than they were when they decided to close this ride, and since they never removed it, it could be easy to just reopen it even if the original plan was to close it.

It would almost certainly be cheaper to get this thing back up and running again then add a new ride.

Six Flags New England Entrance Building At Bight

But what you think what do you think? Is Six Flags New England going to get a new ride for 2022? Do you think Goliath will close and be removed or reopen? Let us know in the comments below.

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