What The Good Dinosaur Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Spot Riding On Arlo's Head The Good Dinosaur Disney Pixar

Disney Magic Kingdoms has added nearly every Pixar film to the game, but one of the few still missing at this point is The Good Dinosaur.

So I am going to speculate on what a Good Dinosaur-themed update to Disney Magic Kingdoms could look like and what characters could be added. This is just my own personal speculation and is not based on any official information.

The Good Dinosaur is one of the lesser appreciated Pixar films, and it has relatively few characters in general so I would see it more as a permanent content update due to both of these factors, as the game typically saves limited updates for more popular films with many popular characters.

Arlo Looking at Spot Eating a Bug The Good Dinosaur Disney Pixar

Honestly, I really could see a Good Dinosaur-themed update including only two characters as most of the film only focused on only the main pair of characters. Those two characters would of course be Arlo and Spot.

Arlo Holding Spot Unconscious in the Rain Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur

They are the main duo of the film and most of its runtime is dedicated to the relationship between the two of them as they try to get back to their respective families.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Pack In The Good Dinosaur Disney Pixar

Beyond the two of them, I don't really think the game is going to add many more characters. Most of the other characters in the film really are not in the movie for that long and most are also part of a group where no one character is bigger than the other. For instance, I can't see the game adding all of the Tyrannosaurus family, and none of those characters are bigger than the others.

The one exception is I think that Disney might add one or a couple members of Arlo's family if they wanted another character. They are the only major characters that are in more than one or two scenes beyond Arlo and Spot.

Arlo With a Stick In His Mouth The Good Dinosaur Pixar

The Good Dinosaur would make for a great update to Disney Magic Kingdoms and hopefully, it will come to the game someday soon.