DIY Projected Heads: Haunted Mansion Inspired


Welcome and today I'm going to help you project a face onto a styrofoam head. First, you need a disembodied head to project. For this DIY I used the singing busts from Disney's the Haunted Mansion, but any head will do. It should not be connected to a body as that will make the projection less clean.

On to the styrofoam head. Now I would recommend a female face regardless of what gender the actual face will be as it's more smooth. Male can be used, but it's more difficult due to the extra facial features.

Then what you need to do is get a projector. It does not need to be the best projector, you can find great ones for around $50.

You should place the head or heads about 10 feet away from the projector. Then you need to adjust the heads and the projector so it fits. As you can see above I started by using CD's to adjust them and then I found a more formal solution shown below. Columns!

These heads are best displayed in the dark, so all you can see is the projected light.

Please enjoy and feel free to post your ideas and projects below!