Journey Into Imagination: Minecraft Disney Parks

Journey Into Imagination

For this Minecraft Disney Parks we travel back to 1980's Epcot Center.

We go back to the original version of Journey Into Imagination featuring Figment and Dreamfinder as they travel through different realms of the Imagination.

Dreamfinder Ship Minecraft Journey Into Imagination

It would later be removed as the opening scene was too expensive to maintain.

The replacement removed both Dreamfinder and Figment and the sone One Little Spark, replacing them with a Nigel Channing led storyline called Journey Into Your Imagination, with the story being that you the rider had no imagination. This version was boycotted to the point that it would last barely two years, being replaced with the current Journey Into Imagination with Figment at Epcot.

Journey Into Imagination Art Minecraft

This is still a work in progress but it is completed through the art scene.

We invite you to go on another journey with Dreamfinder and Figment.