Tokyo Disneyland: The Disney That Was and Never Was

Tokyo Disneyland

The Disney That Was and Never Was

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If you are a Disney fan you probably know about the wonders of Tokyo Disneyland, the only Disney resort not at all owned by Disney. Because of this separation, it differs from the worldwide Disney Parks in many ways.

Budgets often are much higher, (just look at Disney Sea)

There is not a push for every ride to include Disney characters (again look at Disney Sea)

Many rides only exist here (you know what I'm about to say)

Rides that are copied from other parks are different in some ways

Many rides haven't had the changes from the other parks

Others have received updates

Budgets Are Much Higher

Because it is not a part of the larger Disney company, there is more money to spend on attractions. Toontown has actual hills, not painted ones like in Disneyland. There is a volcano with two rides in it. There was just a major expansion announced including a new meet and greet in Toontown, a Tomorrowland Big Hero Six ride and a Beauty and the Beast land and a new Disney classics inspired port in Disney Sea.

Not Every Ride Includes Disney Characters

I can name so many, Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and three different versions of the Country Bear Jamboree. Even Tower of Terror here doesn't have Twilight Zone. 

Many Rides Only Exist Here

A different version of Tower of Terror, all of Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, these all make it special and completely different than any other Disney Resort.

Copied Rides Are Different

Some of the changes are relatively minor, while others make it a completely separate ride. Pirates of the Caribbean is almost a copy of Disneyland's but does not include the going up the waterfall scene. There is a Pooh ride, but it is completely different and incredibly more detailed. Indiana Jones is basically the same ride, same track layout, same vehicles, and basic story but this time it is based on the legend of the Crystal Skull (NOT THE MOVE, THIS RIDE CAME OUT WAY BEFORE THE MOVIE). This causes multiple extra scenes and effects including a tornado effect.

Rides Haven't Changed

Changes to classic Disney rides are often controversial, and one recently divided Disney fans, but if you still wants the Redhead she lives on in Tokyo Disneyland. Also still kicking in Tokyo Disneyland is the original design of Dumbo, table Madame Leota, the original bride in the Haunted Mansion and a lot of other Haunted Mansion changes.

Rides Have Been Updated

Indiana Jones Adventure has been updated a lot, with new effects and a slightly different storyline.

Their parade, Disney's Electrical Parade Dreamlights is a modern update on the classic Main Street Electrical Parade but keeping the same basic tone and music style, featuring classic floats like Pete's Dragon alongside Finding Nemo and Tangled floats.

The Enchanted Tiki Room has a Stitch overlay.