Are You Brave Enough Lyrics Disneyland Paris

Disney Parks Lyrics 

Jazz Singer:

Do you dare

To go out at night

Are you scared

When there is no light

The scoundrels and the villains are enough to cause a fright

Something's calling

That you can't resist

Fear is something

That still persists

The dark is a curse but it only gets worse when they step into the light

Are you brave enough for when the shadows start to call

Are you brave enough to heed the spirits when they call

If you care to come to visit

For tonight they have arisen

Scarier then we've ever seen

So tell me now are you brave enough for Halloween?


What's your greatest fear

You're sure to find it here

It's enough to make you stay home in your bed

What will you do, will you let it conquer you

Or will you fight out the dread and go forging ahead instead

So tell me now


Are you brave enough, are you really sure, that you have the stuff

Jazz Singer:

To face what can't be seen


So tell me now are you brave enough for Halloween?