Spain Pavilion: Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions Part 42

Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions 

Epcot Never Built Spain

Epcot had an extensive phase two planned for both World Showcase and Future World, hardly any of the World Showcase plans would ever come to the park, despite all the plans that were developed for countries from all around the world.

Welcome to Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions and today we are exploring the never built Spain Pavilion planned for Epcot's World Showcase. Make sure that you check out the rest of this series so far here.

One of the three initial World Showcase Pavilions announced for phase two of Epcot Center was Spain. Intended to bring an additional European country to World Showcase, it gave the park an additional attraction as well as restaurants, and cultural representation for another unique country that has its own storied history.

This pavilion was to bring a water-based dark ride to the park, the second major ride in World Showcase at the time.

It would have also brought a film that took you on a cultural history of the nation up to the recent modern period.

As with all World Showcase Pavilions, it would feature a collection of food offerings characteristic of the native country, and with Spain that meant a collection of different tapas being available for purchase in the main restaurant of the land.

This addition would end up being canceled as a result of a lack of sponsors, but rumors suggest a pavilion based on Spain may have recently revisited and then canceled once again due to a completely different set of circumstances.

Rumors were growing a Spain Pavilion was being developed as way to bring an attraction based on the upcoming Disney animated film Gigantic. This was set to be a reimagined telling of Jack and the Beanstalk during Spains colonial era. This was happening in conjunction with a push to add more characters to Epcot and it was a perfect way to both do that and promote a new movie in a major way in the parks.

The exact content of the ride was unknown, but it was expected to be a Spain Pavilion with a Gigantic ride, not a Gigantic land that was being called a Spain Pavilion.

When the movie was canceled in 2017 any hope for this version of the land died along with the film.

Now as Disney has no films taking place in Spain coming up in the near future, it is unlikely we will ever see this country be realized in the Disney Parks in a significant way.

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