Blueprints of Nature and The Original Land Pavilion: Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions Part 44

 Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions

The Landkeeper Epcot Concept Art

The Land Pavilion originally was supposed to look incredibly different, and include a collection of unique characters of its own.

Welcome to Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions, and today we are exploring the original concept for The Land Pavilion. Be sure and check out the rest of the series so far here.

Originally The Land Pavilion was not based on agriculture and food production, but on the ecosystems and natural environments of the world. This would have included one massive attraction that took up the majority of the building.

This would have been known as Blueprints of Nature and followed a character known as the Landkeeper as he took you on a journey through various ecosystems.

This attraction would have been two in one, starting with a Carousel of Progress like stage show and then moving into a more traditional ride experience. The ride would have been staged in a gigantic glass building.

Kitchen Krackpots Kitchen Kabaret Epcot Center Disney World

This ride's journey ended when the final sponsor for The Land Pavilion was secured. Kraft would be the initial sponsor and they demanded changes to the proposed pavilion. Instead of approaching ecosystems, it would approach crops and food.

This new pavilion would be designed by a different team of Imagineers, although the rotating theater concept would be turned into a restaurant, and some of the ecosystem scenes would make it into the final version of Listen To The Land (now Living With The Land).

Eventually it would even get a tribute to the landscapes that make up the world when Soarin came to the park.

But the Imagineers behind The Land would still make their impact known in Epcot Center. They would go on to design the Journey Into Imagination Pavilion. It would feature more toned down glass pyramids, like the original Land Pavilion they had designed.

But the most significant influence by far would be the original version of the ride Journey Into Imagination which was essentially a reimagined version of Blueprints of Nature now intended to fit the new theme of Imagination.

Dreamfinder With Film Camera Journey Into Imagination Epcot Disney World

The Landkeeper would become Dreamfinder and be joined by Figment, the lovable purple dragon who has become synonymous with Epcot.

The ride would even open in the same way Blueprints of Nature was supposed to, with the carousel theater opening being redesigned to allow an omnimover to travel along with the rotating theater instead of actual seats.

Blueprints of Nature would never get built but it would inspire one of the best Disney rides of all time, and two of the most beloved parks original characters to ever grace a Disney Park.

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