Dogfighter: Never Built Disney's America Part 13

 Never Built Disney's America

Dogfighter Disney's America Concept Art

Disney's America would attempt to take the Disney level of theming and apply it to a regional theme park model. But even the unthemed massive thrill coasters would be given the Disney touch and even be world's firsts.

Welcome to Never Built Disney's America and be sure to check out the rest of the series so far here. Today we are exploring the proposed dueling roller coasters for the Victory Field land in Disney's America.

Victory field was set to be an American airfield in the middle of the World Wars and it would have featured a major attraction about an air battle between German and United States military forces in an epic dogfight.

Disney would have done this with a set of two dueling inverted roller coasters, which would have been the first of its kind in the world.

The idea was you would choose between riding on the American or German side, with each side having their own unique track layout.

While the exact track layout is still unknown to this day, some elements have been made public over the years. Significantly most of the elements would be the same except on each track except an extra inversion on the German side. The ride would have taken you from high heights to down in the trenches in an attempt to make the experience feel believable.

This ride would actually be cut from the park prior to its final cancellation due to its incredibly high price tag. Two elaborate coasters being built as a single attraction was a lot for Disney to pay for, especially for a new concept of theme park for them that was unproven, making the investment less certain.

Dragon Challenge Entrance Islands of Adventure Universal Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This ride sounds incredibly similar to the later built Dueling Dragons (later renamed dragon challenge) from Universal's Islands of Adventures. It is likely this may in fact have been inspired by this never built Disney's America attraction.

Later in the decade, following the cancelation of Beastly Kingdom, many Imagineers from that project moved to work at Universal, and many of their ideas helped to create the Lost Continent. While most of the ideas behind the land came from discarded ideas from Beastly Kingdom, it is entirely possible they also revisited ideas from Disney's America for this attraction.

Disney has yet to build either dueling roller coasters or an inverted roller coaster, although hopefully, they explore one of these concepts in the future. They provide new opportunities Disney has yet to explore in their parks that could make an all-new iconic attraction. This could have been a coaster to join the ranks of Big Thunder and Space Mountain as an iconic Disney ride, but hopefully, it will inspire a ride in the future.

Thanks for exploring this never built Disney roller coaster with us and check out the entire Never Built Disney's America series so far here. Also, make sure to return here next week when we explore the hotels and complexes beyond the theme park that was to make up the larger Disney's America resort area.