10 Fun Facts About Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Entrance Magic Kingdom Disney World

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the wildest ride in the wilderness and it continues to thrill guests every day in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom. 

Today we will share 10 facts about the amazing roller coaster.

 1. Theme

This ride is themed as a 19th-century gold-mine in an abandoned ghost town. 

2. Nearly Exact

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Splashdown Disneyland
Disneyland Splashdown

The Disneyland and Disney World versions of this attraction are almost the exact same ride, but Disney World has a few extra feet of track and is larger compared to the Disneyland version. They also mirror each other as they are on opposite sides of Rivers of America.

3. Benjamin Franklin 

Ben Franklin and Mark Twain American Adventure Finale Epcot Disney World

The person that voices Benjamin Franklin in American Adventure in Epcot, also voices the safety announcements for the ride.

4. Tokyo and Paris

Big Thunder Mountain Night Tokyo Disneyland App

In Tokyo and Paris, there are different versions of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Tokyo is still based on mining in the 19th century but the track set up is different. The Paris version is in the middle of a lake and is their version of Tom Sawyer Island.

5. Indiana Jones

The sounds of the trains were reused from the movie Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom from the mine cart chase.

6. Trains

There are 6 ride vehicles and they all have names. These are I. B. Hearty, I. M. Brave, I. M. Fearless, U. B. Bold, U. R. Courageous, and U. R. Daring.

7. The SEA 

This ride is connected to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. President of the Big Thunder Mining Company, Barnabas T. Bullion had been mentioned in a few documents with other members of the SEA.

8. Speed

The ride gets up to a speed of 33 MPH.

9. Nighttime

During the night, in the small town, you can see lights on through the windows, and some people have a party.

10. Western River Expedition.

The attraction is based on the never-built Western River Expedition. This was supposed to be the Magic Kingdom version of Pirates of the Caribbean, instead taking place in a mining town and featuring a coaster and boat ride.