10 Fun Facts About the Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure

Pixar Pier from Lamplight Lounge at Night Disney California Adventure

Incredicoaster is a high-speed roller coaster, featuring the Parr family and Edna Mode. The Incredibles are trying to catch Jack-Jack, who keeps playing with his new powers.

Today we are sharing 10 facts about the Incredicoaster. 

1. Speed

The max speed of this attraction is 55 MPH, and is the fastest ride in the Disneyland Resort.

2.  Original Version

California Screamin Paradise Pier Disney California Adventure

This ride was initially themed as a seaside boardwalk roller coaster called California Screamin'. It was later rethemed to be an Incredibles attraction. 

3. Opening 

Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure

Incredicoaster opened in 2018 with the rest of Pixar Pier.

4. Noise Regulations

Incredibles Arch at Night Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure

The tunnels the ride passes through,  are meant to reduce the noise level of the attraction, outside of the park. Specifically the screams of the people on the ride.

5. Cookies

As you are heading toward the biggest drop, you can smell cookies as you pass Mr. Incredible trying to lure Jack-Jack with one. You can even pick up one of these cookies just outside the ride.

6. The Drop

Pixar Pier Bathrooms Walkway at Night Disney California Adventure

The biggest drop in this attraction is 108 ft tall. 

7.  Jack-Jack

Jack-Jack appears 19 times in various forms throughout the ride.


Incredicoaster Trash Can Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure

Each ride vehicle can hold a maximum of 24 people. 

9. Launch

The launch at the beginning of the ride is supposed to be you going with Dash to find Jack-Jack.

10. Elastagirl 

Pixar Pal Around at Night Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure

Near the first drop, you can see Elastagirl stretched out, trying to get Jack-Jack. The figure is 53 ft long.