Is Disney Redesigning Figment?


Figment Clay Model Redesign One Day At Disney Epcot Journey Into Imagination

The latest episode of One Day At Disney appears to reveal that Disney is looking to redesign Figment, from the classic Journey Into Imagination attraction, with multiple different versions of him being shown modeled in clay that look very different than the current version.

There have been continual rumors of a Journey Into Imagination redo, and while nothing was announced with the Epcot refurbishment, rumors still began to fly that it was still set to come as a later part of the project, before COVID19 put a stop to even those plans.

These do appear to show that there was some truth to these at least at some point, that there was some kind of ongoing project involving Figment that required multiple departments inside Disney to work on and it involved redesigning Figment.

What this is we don't know. It could have simply been a new line of merchandise featuring a stylized version of Figment. One of the versions of the model shows him with a flower, suggesting maybe this was for a future Flower and Garden Festival.

It also potentially could have been for a more elaborate project like a new Figment ride, or even potentially a Figment film project. With a new Haunted Mansion film in the works, as well as the already in the works Jungle Cruise and two Pirates of the Caribbean films, Disney is certainly looking to the parks for inspiration even more than normal recently.

Figment Art Scene Journey Into Imagination Original Epcot Center Disney World

We will keep you up to date on this developing situation when and if we find out more.