Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Disney Character Tribute

Oswald Character Buena Vista Street Disney California Adventure

Mickey Mouse may be the most famous character by Walt Disney, but he was not the first. That first animated character was Oswald The Lucky Rabbit.

Oswald was an early animated character by Disney that he lost the rights to in a conflict with the studio who released the films. He was an early success for Walt, and losing him is what led him to create the famous mouse and all of his friends that we know and love to this day.

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Disney Parks Character

Disney would get the rights back to Walt's first character in a deal with Universal, using him as the star of a new video game series Epic Mickey and even eventually including him in a new Mickey Mouse short, Get A Horse.

Oswald would even come to the Disney Parks, most regularly appearing outside his own shop along Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure.

Oswald is an underappreciated Disney character so its always great to see him get a permanent place in the Disney Parks. He is an important part of Disney history and it is great to have him back even if only in a minor way.

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