Mickey Ice Cream Bar Tribute Disney World

Mickey Ice Cream Bar In Front of World Showcase Lagoon Epcot Disney World

One of the most iconic treats a the Disney Parks of all time is the Mickey Ice Cream Bar. There is a reason this is found all around the world and at carts all around each park at Disney, making it one of the easiest treats to get.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar In Front of Journey Into Imagination With Figment Epcot Disney World

This classic ice cream treat features a vanilla ice cream center covered in hard frozen chocolate that holds it all together.

The entire treat is normally sold cold enough that you could break a tooth on it, making it a great treat to cool you down in the middle of a hot summer day.

These ice cream treats are also extremely photogenic, making them a great thing to add to photos of iconic locations throughout the parks. They are instantly recognizable and can add some magic to any day at the parks.