Victory Field: Never Built Disney's America Part 12

Never Built Disney's America 

Victory Field Concept Art Disney's America

Disney's America would feature many sections based on the various wars that America has been a part of over the years. Today we are paying tribute to the land based on the American struggle both World Wars. Be sure to check out the rest of this series so far here to look through the rest of the attractions of Disney's America.

Victory Field was set to be a land taking place on an early 20th-century military airbase during America's fights for freedom and democracy worldwide. It would have been filled with the hangers, bunkers, and runways that would have been characteristic of the era, filled with period-appropriate tanks and planes.

This land was set to include multiple attractions that would have been befitting of a military base of its size.

It would later go on to inspire Condor Flats and Grizzly Peak Airfield with its classic hanger and runway, even including a ride that was originally partially developed for this airfield themed land in Disney's America.

An early version of Soarin was developed to be located in this land as a flight simulator. The basic ride concept would have been the same, even if the content of the ride was different due to the change of scenery and time period. It would have been set in one of the many hangers of the land.

Another ride would have been a parachute simulator. While it was never publicized what this ride would have been, it might have been the ride system Disney later used on Jumpin Jellyfish and multiple Green Army Men themed Toy Story attractions, considering its parachute-like design and slow falling ride motion.

Victory Field Disney's America Never Built Theme Park Concept Art

But the main attraction of the land would have been an elaborate dueling inverted roller coaster, that recreated an ariel duel between American and German warplanes that goes from massive heights to avoiding trenches.

This ride is so elaborate, it will be the subject of next week's article, so be sure to come back when we explore the lost dueling inverted roller coaster Dogfight. Be sure to check out the rest of the series right now here.