How To Prepare for a Disney Magic Kingdoms Tower Challenge

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Maleficent Tower Challenge Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms has brought back Tower Challenges after a lengthy absence from the game, giving us two back to back events, bringing Owl and Gord to the game.

As these are likely to keep returning, we are providing a general guide on how to properly prepare for one, both in your regular playing, and immediately before one is set to take place.

How To Prepare (Long Term)

Mickey Mouse Max Level Disney Magic Kingdoms

The best way to prepare in your everyday playing is to level up characters as often as possible. You should try to focus on main storyline characters, not characters from limited time events.

Main storyline characters are used in every single tower challenge, so this will prepare you for every upcoming event no matter what. The higher the level of each character, the more Maleficent Coins they will earn each time you send them out during the event.

Examples of main storyline characters sets are, Mickey and Friends, Toy Story, Zootopia, Pocahontas, Jungle Book, Emperor's New Groove, and more.

You should always be leveling up a character if you can be, and attempting to get at least one in each character collection to level 10 so they can earn the maximum number of Maleficent Coins. Each level of each character will help you get further in the next tower challenge than you did in the previous one.

Also, prioritize getting further into the storyline. Typically new permanent content is released just before a tower challenge, and if you are far enough in the storyline to get it, it will help you get more of the content, specifically in the critical later chapters when more recent characters are usually utilized.

How To Prepare (Short Term)

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Once a tower challenge is announced, you will know what three limited-time sets of characters will be used in the event. Once you know this, those should be prioritized above the main storyline characters.

Especially, if you find out what the featured character will be, you should try and get them to level 10 if you can. They can be sent out every time without needing to use a refresh, so it is more important to get them higher than other characters.

We will attempt to prepare you for any specifics in upcoming tower challenges, so be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and our Twitter account to be kept up to date on the latest update.