Gonzo's Royal Flush Disney's Hollywood Studios

Gonzo's Royal Flush Restrooms Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World

Gonzo has a long history as a plumber, from humble beginnings in the original Muppet Movie, to running a massive plumbing company at the start of The Muppets (2011).

Disney ended up giving a fun tribute to this detail of the classic Muppet character as the park began to transition away from movie making and transition to stepping inside the movies on the old Streets of America.

The bathrooms of the newly renamed Muppet Courtyard were themed based on the Gonzo's Royal Flush company from The Muppets, in surprisingly better condition than it was left after the events of the film.

It was a great way to pull something so mundane but necessary as a bathroom fully into the theme of the land in a way that brought you more into the world of The Muppets wherever you looked in the newly renamed land.

Now that the land has once again been renamed, this time as Grand Avenue, the Muppet themed restrooms remained as a tribute to the film that revitalized The Muppets as a franchise and brought them back into the public eye.

Grand Avenue has all kinds of tributes to different Muppet films from Great Muppet Caper to Muppets Most Wanted, so be sure to explore the shops and streets of Grand Avenue on your next visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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