Top 5 Most Missed Disney World Stage Shows

Bear In The Big Blue House Playhouse Disney Live On Stage Disney MGM Studios

Disney World has featured numerous classic attractions over the years, and some of the best attractions have been the elaborate stage shows they have put on.

Today we are paying tribute to five of the most missed Disney World stage shows from years past.

1. Hunchback of Notre Dame

Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney MGM Studios) has always been the home for elaborate stage shows, and on top of many of the ones they currently have based on animated films, they also had a show based on the classic film Hunchback of Notre Dame. This wonderfully translated the movie to the stage in a fun way that condensed the story and songs into a half-hour run time. Its theater closed along with it, leaving us without future shows of its kind.

2. Kitchen Kabaret

Kitchen Kabaret Epcot Center

This show featured a collection of food musical groups performing original songs about food groups in a cabaret-like setting. It was an opening day Epcot Center attraction and was well-beloved. It was eventually replaced with the similar but more modern Food Rocks that replaced the low-intensity performance with a food group rock concert.

This location is now the entrance to Soarin, leaving us without a musical animatronic stage show at Epcot.

3. Playhouse Disney/ Disney Junior Live On Stage

Jojo Circus Playhouse Disney Live On Stage Disney Hollywood Studios

This show was a longstanding part of Disney's Hollywood Studios. Featuring a constantly rotating set of children's TV series in the show performed through puppets, it was a great way to give preschoolers something unique to them that could easily be changed out for the next big show.

Over the years it featured shows from Bear In The Big Blue House, to Jojo's Circus, to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, to Sofia The First. It has since been replaced with a much less impressive dance party, without its characteristic charm and puppets.

4. Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends was a unique show in Camp Minnie Mickey in Disney's Animal Kingdom. It featured a combination of characters, animatronics, and live animals for an impressive show with then-new Disney Princess Pocahontas.

This was really the only attraction permanently lost when Camp Minnie Mickey closed and remains one of the few lost attractions in Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Pocahontas is left without a major presence in Walt Disney World without it.

5. Seasonal Country Bear Jamboree

Melvin Buff Max Country Bear Christmas Special Disney World

While the Country Bear Jamboree is still a part of Walt Disney World, its seasonal shows are no more. Formerly it featured both a summer vacation themed version of the show and a special Christmas themed version. These would feature a change out in the lineup of songs for the show, special decorations, and even additional characters being added to the show.

This was a nice way to change up the attraction throughout the year, and while the classic show is great, the seasonal versions were of similar quality and gave you a reason to visit the parks in different seasons.