Top 5 Hidden Secrets of Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce Entrance Plaza Amusement Park

Lake Compounce is the oldest continuously operating amusement park in the United States, and because of that, it has a lot of hidden secrets throughout the park from its over a century and a half of operation.

Today we are sharing five of these secrets with you to check out if you ever get a chance to visit this historic amusement park.

1. Old Casino

Croc Pot Entrance Lake Compounce

There used to be a casino on the grounds of Lake Compounce. It is now home to the Croc Pot restaurant and the Starlight Theatre. This casino previously held performances from such classic stars as Frank Sinatra and Harry Houdini.

2. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt Attraction Lake Compounce

In Lake Compounce you can find a shooting dark ride, Ghost Hunt, that is part of a series of similar rides from the Sally Corporation. But this is special as it is currently the only trackless version of the attraction in the world, having been updated in 2008.

3. Old Picnic Building

The building currently home to the Caterpillar Train was originally a spot with picnic tables where you could eat, occasionally do activities, and take shelter from the rain.

4. Zoomerang's Original Color

Zoomerang was originally painted green and yellow before being repainted to its current colors. But now as a result of years of wear, you can start to see the original color peeking through in a few places.

5. Trolley

The trolley at this park isn't just a ride, it is actually a historic remnant of the Connecticut Company trolley lines that used to have a station at the park. These lines used to run all across New England, but now only a few remain. This attraction uses historic trolley number 1414 to traverse a section of track running parallel to the lake.