Top 5 Movies That Should Come to Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms 

Disney Magic Kingdoms Cinderella Castle Game

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a mobile game that allows you to build your own Disney theme park and populate it with characters from Disney films, Pixar films, Star Wars films, and more. New films are added every month or so, in either permanent updates or through limited-time events.

Today we are running through five more films that should be added to the game in the near future. This article was written at the time of the Emperor's New Groove update so please forgive any potential films that have been released since then.

They are presented in no specific order.


This is the last princess film that has yet to be added to the game, and with Disney Magic Kingdoms having been adding all the comfy costumes from Ralph Breaks the Internet to the game over the past year, this would give them a chance to add yet another one to the game. It would also bring many great characters to the game, from Princess Merida, to her family and maybe even the other clans from the film.


Remy and Emile Characters Ratatouille Disney's Hollywood Studios

Ratatouille is a classic Pixar film with tons of fun characters, a popular ride in Walt Disney Studios in Paris, and an upcoming attraction in Epcot. Seeing characters like Remy, Linguini, and Emile wandering around would add so much fun to the game, and potentially allow for a new storyline after the original film. There is also a sizable supporting cast the game could include from Ego to the ghost of Gustaeu that could bring new life to the game.


Pinocchio and Geppetto Signing Autographs Disneyland

Pinocchio is one of the last Walt Disney era films that has yet to be added to the game and features a ton of characters that would be fun to see running around the kingdom, from Pinocchio himself to other characters like Geppetto, The Blue Fairy, and Honest John. The film also has multiple tributes in the Disney Parks that could be recreated as attractions, from the Pinocchio's Daring Journey ride, to Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant.


Some of the most popular updates to Disney Magic Kingdoms have been based on the films of the Disney Reinassance, and this is one of the only ones left. It would allow the game to feature great characters like Tarzan and Jane, and also give the game attractions like Tarzan's Treehouse. Also, it would fit perfectly in the Adventureland section they are beginning to unlock in more recent updates, better than almost any other film they have yet to release in the game.


Radiator Springs Racers Final Race Cars Land Disney California Adventure

There are so many options for what to put in the game based on this franchise. Three films worth of characters, on top of one of the best theme park lands in any Disney Park around the world in Disney California Adventure. Any building in Radiator Springs is worth its own attraction, on top of the actual rides like Radiator Springs Racers.

There are also other attractions around the world that could be included like Lightning McQueen Racing Academy and the upcoming Cars retheme of Catastrophe Canyon in Walt Disney Studios Paris. It really would be more about deciding what didn't deserve to be included than what did.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disney Magic Kingdoms

This film would work great in the Frontierland section that has yet to be unlocked, with its western-inspired hills fitting in well with the design of Radiator Springs.

What film do you want to see added to Disney Magic Kingdoms in an upcoming update? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


  1. i Agree There Are A Lot Of Movies And Tv Shows Not in The Game Yet Like Pinocchio Robin Hood The Fox And The Hound The Great Mouse Detective The Black Cauldron The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Quasimodo And Hugo Appear in Disney Emoji Blitz So This is An Obvious Choice For A Future Update) Tarzan (Tarzan Has Yet To Be Added To The Game i Can imagine The Tarzan Characters Walking Around And Having Funny Quests This is A Must Have i Can See Tantor Being A Premium Character Kerchak is Unlikely Due To His Death At The End Of The Movie The Baby Baboon Could Be Added Later in A Tower Challenge Alongside Flynt And Mungo And Maybe Captain Gerow) Atlantis The Lost Empire Treasure Planet Brother Bear Chicken Little Meet The Robinsons Bolt A Bug's Life Cars Up Phineas And Ferb (Thanks To Ducktales Now We Can Finnaly See Characters From Tv Shows Coming To The Game Like Darkwing Duck Gargoyles Gummi Bears Etc) Hopefully They All Be Added in The Near Future!!!

  2. Were Still Missing Tarzan And Hunchback Of Notre Dame!!!


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