Soundstages of Universal Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood Soundstages

Universal Studios Hollywood is not only a theme park, but also an active studio with ongoing production nearly every day. This is really special because it gives the park a special look into the kind of movies it features in its hit attractions and you can always look down on the soundstages where the films are made and try to spy your favorite stars.

Because of the park's position on top of a hill you get a great look down onto the actual production lot Universal uses, including its historic and modern active soundstages used for all of your favorite TV shows and movies. 

There are many great vantage points to look down on the soundstages and you might even spot someone famous from a distance.

What is also exciting is the lot is always changing, with new soundstages getting built, and the classic backlot facades being reimagined into new locations, sometimes giving you a sneak preview of upcoming shows.

The high parts of the park also give you a look at the surrounding city, and other landmarks like the Warner Brothers studio lot.

What is your favorite spot to look down on from the top half of Universal Studios Hollywood? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!