State Fair: Never Built Disney's America Part 11

Never Built Disney's America

Stat Fair Concept Art Disney's America

Disney's America was an amusement park based in recreating different eras of United States history, but one section would look specifically into the history of amusement parks in an almost meta land known as State Fair.

This week in Never Built Disney's America we are looking into the land based on recreating a mid 20th century fair. Be sure to check out the rest of the series here to further explore the lost patriotic Disney theme park.

Almost everything in Disney's America would never end up getting built as a result of the cancelation of the park. But this land is the exception to that rule, as it would later inspire another land in a future Disney Park.

State Fair was a land based on the traveling or regional fairs that have popped up across America since midway through the twentieth century.

It was set up to be themed as a fair set up on the local baseball field, with classic carnival-style rides that would have been found in that era being set up in a lightly themed area that is filled with many attractions.

There would have been two major attractions in this land, one of them being a massive ferris wheel that would have given great views of the park, being located along its central lagoon as well as the surrounding wilderness around the theme park.

The main ride would be the first wooden roller coaster in Disney Parks history, making the area feel truly classic due to this departure from Disney's normal history of exclusively building steel roller coasters.

If this sounds familiar its because it is. Many of the ideas from this land were later used in the original version of Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure. This land was similar in theme, just taking place on a boardwalk instead.

The Sun Wheel, later's Mickey's Fun Wheel and California Screamin both took their initial inspiration from this land.

This would be the only major land to survive the cancelation of Disney's America, finding a new home in the second park of the Disneyland Resort.

Be sure to come back next week when we explore Victory Field, a world war-themed airbase. In the meantime check out the entire series so far here.