Top 5 Roller Coasters at Six Flags New England

Coaster Round Up

Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England is one of the most elaborate amusement parks in the northeast United States, and it holds several world-class coasters.

Today we are running through the top five coasters at this park. This is an opinion based list so if you disagree, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

5. The Joker

This ride is the newest coaster in the park and gave it a wonderful new ride, that can be incredibly intense with its constant spinning. The problem, and why it is at the bottom of the top five is that rides are inconsistent and mainly based on the weight distribution of the ride. You can have an amazing ride on this coaster, but it can also be relatively tame, as is the nature of free-spinning fourth-dimensional coasters.

4. Pandemonium

This coaster appears a lot tamer than it actually is. The spinning can be quite intense, and it has a nice layout which allows for a great deal of spinning during its relatively short length. Once again, it is ranked lower due to its inconsistent nature. The spinning can be very intense, or it can be a relatively tame family coaster. But given the right level of spins, it has some powerful forces that are much stronger than it appears.

3. Batman: The Dark Knight

Batman The Dark Knight Floorless Coaster Six Flags New England

This ride is set up beautifully in the park, with the lift hill offering views of the Connecticut River, Superman The Ride, and the water park, before entering a stunning layout that features five inversions on this great floorless coaster. The track also features a color scheme that perfectly fits more modern adaptations of the superhero, playing into his dark blue and purple hues. It is remarkably smooth, featuring a forceful first loop, followed by another loop. It does lose speed towards the latter half of the attraction, but this only increases the amount of time you are out of your seat in each inversion. Despite the shoulder restraints, they never feel uncomfortable, making for a very pleasant experience.

2. Wicked Cyclone

This ride has two world-class attractions that are incredibly close to each other, so I want to specify this. Wicked Cyclone took one of the worst rides in the park and turned it into one of the best of its kind roller coasters in the world. It has a 109-foot first drop that sends you on a high speed through a layout with three inversions, and some of the best airtime I have ever experienced on a coaster. It is also incredibly long for the type of coaster it is, allowing for even more airtime especially towards the end of the attraction. It uses its massive pad well, with wide high degree turns that pack great forces. The coaster is remarkably intense and gives the park a second visual icon.

1. Superman The Ride

Superman The Ride Six Flags New England

This is the ride that put Six Flags New England on the map, and it remains the best coaster in the park. Whether in its Ride of Steel, Bizzaro, or Superman The Ride phases, this coaster has never ceased to be the most impressive feat of the New England park. This coaster features a brilliant layout parallel to the Connecticut River, with a 208-foot drop that is unlike anything else at the park. It maintains its speed through the entire coaster, with several airtime hills, and a set of intense helixes at the end. There are also several effects that make this ride visually appealing without taking away from the thrill, like passing through a series of Superman arches and two mist-filled tunnels. Other effects have been featured over the years, from fire to virtual reality, but the current version still reigns supreme over anything else in the park.