Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Magic Kingdom 40th Anniversary


Frontierland opened without an E-Ticket attraction, and the one initially planned for it, Western River Expedition, would never come to fruition. But it would eventually get a signature attraction with the addition of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to the park.

Big Thunder would add a second mountain to the Magic Kingdom and the first major ride-through attraction in Frontierland.

The wildest ride in the wilderness would instantly become a hit at the park, bringing a whole new group of people out to the edge of Frontierland and adding some much-needed thrills to the western half of the park.

Today it remains a popular roller coaster in the park with numerous iconic elements. It is a great part of any trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Entrance Frontierland Magic Kingdom Disney World

It remains as a wonderful tribute to the best parts of the old west. Ghost towns, the gold rush, and mines galore.